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Welcome to the Wiki!

Welcome to the Alec Thaggard Wiki, my free encyclopedia about me and my favorite things: movies, animation, characters (mostly Isabella), and TV! Anyone, even you, can edit here in this website. If you’re a new contributor, go ahead and check it out.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Feel free to edit. But let me give you a warning: Do NOT undo any edits, please, unless you are encouraged to.
  2. Please, no swearing or cussing in comments. Yes, that can be somewhat tolerable in articles, but, no, not in the comments!
  3. Harassing is unacceptable.
  4. If you don’t like a character I like, I don’t have to blame you, but you can’t bash on the character or me!
  5. Any form of vandalism results in a permanent ban.
  6. If you haven’t heard of anything I heard of, see for yourselves.
  7. If a movie I enjoy has flaws, I understand, while it was good, meaning you can put it in the “Decent Movies” category.
  8. Please no trolling or spamming, because that is obnoxious!
  9. Do NOT change mIne or @Gemmoore42's or @DyasboytheSBSPFanboy's or @Sonicboomfannumber1's ideas for casting choices OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!
  10. I don’t wanna hear an insult towards me or my friends.

Any direct violation of these rules might result in a permanent or temporary ban from this wiki, so PLEASE follow them all.

Latest activity

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Isabella looking up in shock



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