Cars 2 is a 2011 computer-animated spy comedy adventure film directed by John Lasseter. It's a sequel to Cars, and features the voices of Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Eddie Izzard, and John Turturro. It focuses on race car Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater, who head to Japan and Europe to compete in the World Grand Prix, but Mater then gets distracted with international espionage.


Finn McMissile, a British spy car, infiltrates an oil rig acquired by lemon cars to save a fellow agent. He notices the lemons, led by Professor Z, loading an EMP emitter, disguised as a camera, inside a crate. After being spotted, he gets away and fakes his own death.

After winning four Piston Cups in a row, Lightning McQueen returns to Radiator Springs. But then, Francesco Bernoulli, an Italian formula racer, challenges him to the newly-open World Grand Prix, which its creator, Miles Axlerod, leads. Lightning and his best friend, Mater, along with Luigi, Guido, Sarge, and Fillmore, head to Tokyo in time for the first race.

During the opening party, Mater causes disturbance by leaking oil and eating Wasabi, which embarrasses and infuriates Lightning. While in the bathroom cleaning up the mess, Mater stops a fight between American spy Rod Redline (who Finn and his new partner Holley Shiftwell were supposed to meet) and lemons Acer and Grem. Rod transfers information to Mater, whom Holley thinks is a spy. Meanwhile, Rod is captured and murdered by Professor Z and the other Lemons. Zündapp tells his boss (a mysterious mastermind) that Rod transferred his information.

During the first race, the camera ignites three cars! Lightning loses the race to Francesco, because of Mater giving him bad advice while avoiding Zündapp's minions with help from Finn & Holley. Enraged, Lightning rages at Mater, who, upset by his rejection, decides to get back home to Radiator Springs, but gets


The film recieved mixed reviews from critics, who praised the animation, score, action sequences, racing scenes, and voice acting, but said the film lacked the warmth and charm the first film got, and that the story is "confusing" just because Mater got the spotlight instead of Lightning McQueen. Despite that, the movie did get good reviews from fans, and performed well at the box office, grossing $562 million. I liked the film, as I praised the animation, voice acting, action, racing scenes, and characters.

Why I Love It

  1. Great animation, which is a nice step up for the first movie.
  2. The voice acting is still great.
  3. The new characters are awesome, such as Finn McMissile.
  4. The action scenes are so cool, and the racing scenes are enjoyable.
  5. The characters from the first movie are still great.
  6. The cars going around the world is an excellent idea.
  7. The plot twist where it turns out that Miles Axlerod is the real mastermind is very surprising.
  8. Although the story focuses more on Mater, that doesn’t mean that the story can't be too great.
  9. There are hilarious moments, such as the bathroom and wasabi scenes.
  10. Great soundtrack by Michael Giacchino.
  11. The climax is thrilling.
  12. The scene of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix was a perfect way to finish the movie.
  13. Though most people find a spy story generic, I don’t, as I find it rather cool.
  14. There is a great reference to Cars character, Doc Hudson, who tragically died sometime before the events of this movie.
  15. The toys are awesome.
  16. It was nice to see Mater have a girlfriend for a change.


  1. The scene where Lightning yells at Mater for shouting things at him into the microphone was really harsh.
  2. While exciting, this sequel is not as awesome as the first movie, but still great.
  3. People complained that the spy plot is too generic for Pixar.


Another sequel, Cars 3, was released on June 16, 2017. It, much like the original 2006 film, follows Lightning, who tries to prove to a generation of racers that he is still the fastest car in the world.


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