Cars 3 is a computer-animated sports comedy-drama adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is a threequel to Cars, and takes place after Cars 2. It once again follows Lightning who is having a midlife crisis, and sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he is still the best racecar in the world.


Six years after Cars 2, Lightning has been racing for years, and is racing with Bobby Swift and Cal Weathers.

Critical reception

Much like the original movie, Cars 3 received positive reviews from critics, who praised the animation, humor, emotional story, and for being an improvement over the second film although I personally liked all three. I also enjoyed the film as much as I enjoyed the first two, praising the animation, humor, emotional story, voice acting, characters, and paying tribute to Cars character Doc Hudson. However, I criticized the lack of uses of Lightning saying "Kachow!", which was a quote that felt really important for him for a Cars movie.

Why I Love It

  1. Great voice acting, especially from professional actors and NASCAR drivers.
  2. The animation is a great step-up from the first two movies and other previous Pixar movies.
  3. The characters from the first two movies are still likable.
  4. The humor that made Cars hilarious is still funny.
  5. It pays a touching tribute to the great Doc Hudson by showing flashbacks of him throughout the movie.
  6. Lots of references to Cars 2, such as Doc's death, his medical office being turned into a museum, Lightning's newly-installed headlights, a cameo from Jeff Gorvette, a picture of Miles Axelrod (if you notice close enough) in Sterling's office, and a TV screen showing John and Nancy, the two cars in Paris, kissing.
  7. We get to see more of Mack a lot.
  8. It has some of the most emotional moments in the entire Cars series.
  9. While Mater doesn’t appear that often, he is still a major character in the story.
  10. The Florida 500 track looks amazing!
  11. Great story, which combines nostalgia (which came from the original 2006 movie) and new elements, and focusing on Lightning yet again.
  12. It is even better than Cars 2, which was actually a good movie otherwise, but this time, it focuses on Lightning.
  13. Amazing soundtrack, featuring the original score and new songs by Dan Auerbach, James Bay, and ZZ Ward & Gary Clark, Jr..


  1. It is ridiculous that Lightning participates, yet he decides to quit in order to be Cruz's coach. Granted, it was nicely-executed, but Lightning still should have won.
  2. While emotional, the scene where Lightning yells at Cruz is harsh.
  3. Lightning's crash is kind of messed-up and sort of disturbing. Still curiously, it reminds us of Doc Hudson's crash "back in '54".
  4. The lack of Kachows for Lightning can be extremely ridiculous often.


  • First Cars movie to not be directed by John Lasseter. It was instead directed by Pixar storyboard artist Brian Fee. However, John is still credited as executive producer.
  • This is the only film in the Cars series to never have a main antagonist with a green outline.
  • This is Pixar's 12th G-rated movie, after Monsters University.
  • Only Cars movie without having Lightning say his famous catchphrase "KACHOW!"


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