There is no way to get online! It'll take two weeks!

Phineas to Isabella

After Isabella realizes that the Internet in Toonsburg has gone horribly, she and her friends feel devastated. However, they try to find a way to solve the problem, with help from WALL-E, EVE, Mater, Cruz, and Weebo, while the villains are out for revenge.


The morning after the events of Patch Disaster?, Isabella wakes up after her alarm rings at 8 'o'clock a.m., and Weebo greets her. Isabella says her catchphrase and asks what Weebo is doing. Weebo announces that she has just made the schedule for her, saying that Phineas will be outside any second. Isabella loves how helpful Weebo is, and goes out the door. Phineas and Lightning are outside playing scary puppets, and as she greets her friends, she tells them the good news: she earned her Emotional Bravery patch the other day and her rope-tying patch. Lightning humorously remarks that she just earned two patches in one day. Isabella proudly says "Yes. Yes, I did," and a hologram of Meap appears, and Meap thanks Isabella and the gang for defeating Mitch.

Meanwhile, the villains, led by Mitch, have escaped from jail, and then become enraged that Isabella

Realizing that the Internet connection is nowhere near as good as usual, she feels concerned, wondering what they can do. Phineas angrily objects that they can't do anything about it, because the connection is not going to be working for weeks. Lightning, also angry, tells them he lost his internet connection in Radiator Springs two days ago. Isabella insists that she can fix it, but then she and her friends get in a heartbreaking argument, which ends with Phineas indirectly yelling at her by saying that if she hadn’t had such a big crush on him, the Internet wouldn’t have lost connection so quickly. Heartbroken by the insult, Isabella feels that she'll have to fix the connection by herself, and walks off angrily, while trying to hold back tears. Phineas feels sorry, but it is too late, as the others, having heard him lash out at Isabella, sadly leave as well.

In her room, Isabella breaks down crying from the argument, while Phineas becomes guilty for how he spoke to her. Outside, Lightning, Mike, Sally, Dory, Flik, WALL-E, EVE, Mater, and Cruz start worrying about what to do now.


For a full transcript of "Internet of Shame!", see here.


  • This is one of the rare instances where Phineas gets angry.
  • Meap makes a minor appearance in the book, thanking Isabella and her friends for defeating Mitch the other day.
  • It is revealed that Isabella has not only earned her emotional bravery patch, but she earned her rope-tying patch as well, due to finding a way to defeat Randall. ("Patch Disaster?")
  • Another time Isabella is shown crying, due to Phineas indirectly yelling at her.
  • It was as heavily anticipated as Patch Disaster?.
  • First time Meap appears since "Ferb TV".


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