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Isabella’s Big Carpet Ride is an upcoming 2020 stop-motion animated comedy short film directed by Alec Thaggard. It follows Isabella, as she and Phineas go on the biggest carpet ride of their entire lives. It was going to premiere in the summer of 2019, but to allow more time for the production, it was pushed back to 2020.


The short starts up with Isabella deciding that it will be the day that she will insist on spend time with Phineas alone. She sees Phineas, and assumes she is ready to spend time with him, but


For a full transcript of “Isabella’s Big Carpet Ride”, click here.





  • This will be the very first stop-motion short film created by Alec Thaggard.
  • It was going to air after the Toy Story 3 review and before the Brave review. However, to avoid production problems with the Toy Story 3 review, the release date is changed.
  • Dan Povenmire, one of the executive producers of the short, also created Phineas and Ferb.
  • The film will be dedicated to the memory of one of the short’s composers, James Horner, who got killed in a plane crash back in 2015, the same year Phineas and Ferb finished production. Coincidentally, he also composed Titanic and Bicentennial Man.
  • This is one of several Disney productions to feature a female protagonist (in this case being Isabella).
  • It is also one of a few times a Disney production has ever had a younger protagonist (as Isabella is less than twelve).
  • While the opening title sequence is traditionally animated (by PicsArt), the short itself is animated in stop-motion. It is one of a few opening title sequences to have dialogue.
  • Although both Isabella and Phineas appear in the short, Candace does not appear for some reason.
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