"Whatcha doin’?" ― Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is one of the main characters in the popular Disney animated TV series, Phineas and Ferb, one of the two main protagonists, deuteragonist, and female protagonist of the hybrid comedy review web series, My Reviews of EVERY Pixar Movie, and the main protagonist of some of the episodes from Phineas and Ferb, the book series, Cartoon Mayhem, The Big Adventures of Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, and the comic book Patch Disaster?. She is the neighbor and best friend of Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. Isabella has a huge crush on Phineas (though he doesn't ever notice it, as seen through his actions during the show), and spends most of her days participating or helping with his or Ferb's projects. She also spends time trying to earn Fireside Girls patches, and is also great friends with the members of her troop in the Fireside Girls Troop 46231. She is voiced by Alyson Stoner


Phineas and Ferb

Isabella much often gets involved in Phineas and Ferb’s daily activities, aiding in order maintenance and construction. She is always willing to help Phineas, and owns a chihuahua named Pinky, but unbeknownst to her, he is a secret agent working at the OWCA, just like Perry. She is recently the leader of Fireside Girls Troop 46231. Its members are Gretchen, Milly, Ginger, Katie, Holly, and Adyson, who work very hard with Isabella to earn accomplishment patches and consider her to be a great friend as well.

My Reviews of EVERY Pixar Movie

Isabella becomes the deuteragonist and animated protagonist of the series. She is one of the reviewers and co-hosts of the show, and is always willing to help Alec with his reviews, with Phineas usually by her side. She greets the audience and says her trademark catchphrase as usual, and she can get annoyed when Dory repeats her quote, though with Phineas around to say it, she does not mind. She can be seen crying in seven episodes. However, Alec is usually the one who calms her crying down and consoles her immediately.

Isabella’s Big Carpet Ride

Isabella returns as the titular main protagonist in her own short film.

She gets extremely determined to spend the day with Phineas. After arriving, she greets him, and admits that she had been waiting for him the entire time, but it is unknown what reason it is for him to do, since she immediately forgot.

Isabella, Phineas, Lightning McQueen, and Mike’s Reaction to the Sonic Movie Trailer

Isabella (alongside Phineas, Lightning, and Mike) appears in their reaction to the teaser trailer of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Patch Disaster?

Isabella returns as the main protagonist. Her main goal in the story is to earn her Emotional Bravery patch (which she failed to earn because of being affected by a pharmacist zombie), and, for a majority of the story, expresses her sadness that she forgot about it.

A few days after the last day of Summer (which takes place over the weekend), she begins to realize that she forgot to earn her Emotional Bravery patch. Heartbroken, as she starts to walk up to Phineas and Lightning, she tells them that she failed to earn her Emotional Bravery patch and didn't tell them. Mike, shocked, reminds her of what happened last time. This only makes Isabella feel worse, and Dory, feeling sorry for her, reminds her that she forgets things worse. Isabella starts to cry, and walks upstairs.

In her room, she breaks down crying, and looks at some of her accomplishment patches, and then starts sobbing. However, Sally comforts her, and assures her that she doesn’t need to be sad because she failed, but rather try again. Isabella sadly agrees, and returns to her friends, sadly saying her catchphrase. Phineas, not understanding why she is still upset, reminds her that she did earn the patch once. However, Mitch tells Isabella that she did not earn it. He and Chick mock her about her patch record, and force Isabella to admit her failure, much to her friends' horror. Phineas gets extremely mad, and Isabella, in tears, tells him she blew her chance. Phineas and the others, understanding this, feel they don't know what to tell her.

Later, Lightning tells Mater that he is worried about Isabella, who is lamenting about her failure, and as she sobs, Pinky watches. Isabella starts sobbing about the fact that she did the best she could, but should've done better. Suddenly, she hears a knock on her bedroom door, and as Isabella answers, Sally comes in to check on her, and she, Candace, and C-3PO persuade her to keep trying, and Isabella agrees. Later that night, she goes to bed while trying to get over her failure, and wakes up upon seeing Phineas and Lightning outside her house. When asked if she is feeling better, Isabella tells her friends that she is still sad about her patch. Phineas and Lightning then go back to their houses while leaving, as Isabella goes back to bed.

The next morning, a depressed Isabella wakes up, and Phineas and Lightning are worried about how she is feeling, and Mike tells Isabella good morning, but Isabella is still worried about her patch. Angry, Phineas assures her that failing is not a big deal, and Dory tries to think of something to make it better, but forgets about it. Isabella doesn't mind though, as she is used to how funny it gets. Phineas likes her change of feeling, and so do the others. Despite this, Isabella is still upset about her patch, but the others encouraged her not to give up, and Isabella, reminded that she is a Fireside Girl who never gives up, feels better, and more confident.

Later, when Buford gives Baljeet a wedgie, Isabella and the gang yell his name, and Isabella tells him they need to keep going, and her friends follow her. They arrive at Mitch's lair, and confront Mitch, Chick, and Randall, with Mitch betting they are not about to foil his plan. Baljeet reminds Isabella that since she used her cuteness effectively once, he points out that she is smart enough to figure it out. Isabella then announces her plan to defeat Mitch and show Phineas how she really feels about him. Her friends agree, and they follow her into the lair. Isabella assigns Phineas to go with her, while everyone else is worried, thinking Isabella is going to leave them behind, but Isabella actually wants them to go with her as well. However, Chick insults Isabella and her friends and calls them "losers". However, Isabella corrects him, and Sally agrees. Isabella is impressed that Sally arrived just in time. Annoyed that Chick is just standing around, Mitch tells him to stop Isabella, which he does by saying "Ka-chicka! Ka-chicka! Ka-chicka-chicka-chicka!" and hits Phineas in the foot. Isabella and Lightning scold Chick for such actions, and call Guido and the Fireside Girls to arrest him. Isabella greets Gretchen and reports to her that she has gotten herself a second chance. Realizing that Phineas is hurt in the foot, she runs up to him, and checks to make sure he is okay. Phineas replies that he is all right, and Isabella hugs him. Lightning and his friends congratulate Guido for defeating Chick so quickly, and Isabella tells them they need to hurry, as she needs to tell her true feelings to Phineas.

Then, Isabella finally tells Phineas she has a huge crush on him, much to everyone's surprise and amazement. Touched by Isabella's confession, Phineas finds that she has stronger feelings for him than she ever knew she had. Isabella admits that she only did it so she could earn her Emotional Bravery patch. However, Randall approaches and ruins the moment, and captures Phineas, under Mitch's command. Outraged, Isabella runs after him, and with her friends' suggestion, she decides to use her sash to defeat Randall, and ties him up, and rescues Phineas in the process. Her friends are proud of her for her heroic acts, and Isabella thanks them and devises a plan to defeat Mitch and then earn her Emotional Bravery patch. However, as her friends follow her, Mitch confronts them, and seeing that Chick and Randall have been defeated, he explains how long he's been trying to stop the heroes from standing in his way. Discovering how strong her cuteness is, Isabella figures out that she used it on Mitch once, and her friends encourage her to think clearly and that way she won't have to worry about her patch any longer. A teary-eyed Isabella thanks her friends and afterwards, she corners Mitch, but he tells her that her cuteness won't defeat him. Isabella tries to stun Mitch with her cuteness ability, but Mitch thinks she can't face the fact that she is  "losing", and sends one of his robots to attack her. Thankfully, she quickly recovers, as Phineas and Lightning encourage her to keep going and not give up, and use her cuteness and confidence she always has, and Lightning admits that for a little girl like her, she is very brave. However, Mitch gets out of his robot suit, and declares revenge on Isabella and her friends, and as Isabella watches Mitch transform, she realizes Mitch is about to overpower her cuteness. Because of this, she calls her friends for help, and alerts them, reporting what Mitch is up to, and her friends agree to help.  

Right afterwards, Isabella, Phineas, Lightning, Mike, Sally, and Dory cover their eyes, as Isabella warns the five to cover their eyes and avoid being mesmerized by his appearance, and this time, nobody is stunned by his looks. Phineas is lucky to not be stunned at all this time, but Lightning, Mike, Sally, and Dory start to worry about what they're going to do, and begin panicking. However, Isabella calms them down and tells them they have to do something about it, and as she gets an idea, her friends follow her. Later, as the gang makes it into the lair, Isabella explains her plan to her friends: she assigns Phineas to use the baseball launcher, Lightning to use his speed, and everyone else to use their own powers, while she uses her cuteness to stop Mitch. Together, the gang simultaneously uses their powers, and Isabella outcutes Mitch again and he reverts to his natural state. Isabella then catches her emotional bravery accomplishment patch after Phineas threw it. She apologizes to Phineas for failing to earn the patch, and admits she had been trying to earn it for a week. Phineas, Lightning, Mike, Sally, and Dory forgive her, and reassure her that she did try to earn it last time. Isabella cries tears of joy, saying "yes, yes, I did" and the two hug. 

Afterwards, Sheriff has the villains tied up, and Phineas, Lightning, and Mike arrive to commend her for her courage and for having the best ideas a girl could ever have. Gretchen and Ginger arrive, having overheard Isabella's confession, and admit they were very surprised. Since they would not want to forget about the heartwarming and very touching confession, Phineas presents Isabella with her emotional bravery patch. Isabella is very happy and her friends hug. 

As everyone heads home, Isabella thanks her friends for the help, and as she and Phineas shake hands, their friends smile. They celebrate their success, just as Vivian arrives home. She lets Isabella know how proud she is for having remarkable teamwork and earning her long-awaited patch. Isabella greets her, and her friends are happy to tell Vivian how great they did. While they are in the local jail, the villains are very angry and rant over their failure, with Mitch telling Randall and Chick to shut it. Vivian proudly hugs Isabella, and Gretchen is also proud of Isabella, having figured she'd jump right to it. Mike apologizes to Isabella for reminding her how she at first failed to earn it, and Isabella forgives him. Her friends are glad she makes a great leader, and Isabella is glad she improved her chances of earning her emotional bravery patch. Phineas gladly admits he does not want to forget about what happened any longer. The two and all their friends into a heartwarming group hug, having successfully worked together to earn Isabella's patch, and setting up and just beginning the comic book series where Isabella is the main protagonist.   

Internet of Shame!

Isabella returns yet again as the main protagonist.

She wakes up at 8'o'clock a.m., and

Song Covers by Isabella from Phineas and Ferb

Isabella, as a truly popular favorite character of Alec's, returns as the protagonist in her own series of music videos.

Most of the songs she sings end with her feeling down and

The Big Adventures of Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Isabella returns in this series as the star and protagonist. She spends her time in Toonsburg hanging out with Phineas and their friends, Lightning, Mike, Sally, Dory, and SpongeBob.


Isabella is sweet, cheerful, quick-thinking, cute, adorable, brave, friendly, optimistic, helpful, caring, and easy to get along with others. She is always willing to help Phineas and Ferb with their daily projects. When she gets involved with Phineas and Ferb in their endeavors, it's either for her enjoyment, her goal to earn accomplishment patches, or simply spend her time with Phineas. She comes over all-day just to see him, as shown in the song "What’cha Doin’?", which is named for her catchphrase. She is generally optimistic, but she also cares for, and shows concern for people at certain times. Isabella is sympathetic and would aid people who need it. This was proven when she showed concern for Candace, who was too anxious to call Jeremy and ask him out and when she snapped Phineas and Ferb out of their hypnotic dullness.

As the leader of the Fireside Girls, Isabella is an extremely capable leader. She is sensible and responsible in the head of any emergency, and does not like being told what to do by anyone except for Phineas. However, she does get easily jealous when all the attention is taken away from her. As Isabella enjoys getting attention, she openly gets jealous and dissatisfied when she doesn't get any, such as the time when her Lil' Sparks men-tee, Melissa, showed Candace more attention and admiration than she did with her. As sweet and cute as Isabella is supposed to be, she can get angry. One way her temper has been flared was when someone besides her or Phineas would use her catchphrase. In such a scenario, she would express being annoyed and would often confront the violator physically. One such time was when Suzy and Candace repeated her trademark catchphrase "What'cha Doin'?". Also, when Buford started to say her catchphrase, Isabella elbowed him really hard, which made him hurt for a little bit.

Isabella has shown at least twice that she has a devious streak, taking advantage of a situation for her own good. These instances include her momentarily taking hold of Baljeet's bet of squid versus Buford. She also offers to have her bowling turn with Shady Joe when a bowling ball Phineas and Ferb created knocks down all the bowling pins (including the stand), despite Shady Joe cheating by having the pins strapped onto the shelf.  

Physical Appearance


Isabella's normal outfit.

Isabella is a very slender child with long black hair with thin blue hi-lights and a circle-shaped bottom, blue eyes, an oval-shaped head, fair skin, and oval dark blue eyes, a flat top, and usually a pink bow and a sleeveless dress along with a white T-shirt and a fuchsia belt-buckle. When she is on Fireside Girl duty, she wears an orange beret with a red bow, with a red belt-buckle, her dress colored half orange, half brown, a light yellow accomplishment sash with three shaped patches consisting of a teal diamond, a teal oval, and a brown triangle below each other, and red shoes with yellow laces. She also wears light purple pajamas with darker purple stripes and a purple bow.

My Opinion Of Her

I give Isabella critically positive reactions.

Why I Love Her

  1. Her iconic catchphrase "Whatcha doin'?"
  2. Her character design is adorable and endearing.
  3. She has the cutest voice of all the younger characters I saw.
  4. Her relationship with Phineas is amazing and warms my heart every time.
  5. She is sweet, friendly, nice, cheerful, fearless, quick-thinking, optimistic, caring, helpful, kind, and easy to get along with others.
  6. She is always willing to help Phineas with his daily projects.
  7. For a little kid like her, she has a very big heart.
  8. She is so popular that she got what I gave her: her own series of comic books, the best being Patch Disaster?.


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