SpongeBob SquarePants is a very awesome show, but sometimes it has its share of awful episodes, to the point where I don't like some of them. But SpongeBob is a very good show likewise. Please enjoy.

Number Title Card Title Plot Why Does This Episode Stink?
"Ink Lemonade" After Patrick has an unsuccessful lemonade stand, he decides to get a secret ingredient from Squidward's ink by scaring him. Squidward gets tortured by Patrick throughout the entire FREAKING episode! And Squidward shoots disgusting ink out of his nose! And who drinks ink from an octopus anymore? I'd rather watch "My Leg!" than this stupid episode. This is the worst episode SpongeBob has ever got! It's not like Patrick to be such a jerk and take his idiocy too far.
"SpongeBob You're Fired" SpongeBob gets fired from his fry cook position by Mr. Krabs, who is trying to save a nickel. Then, SpongeBob has to find other work at other restaurants. For starters, Mr. Krabs fires his greatest employee, SpongeBob, over a nickel for bad reasons,
A pal for Gary title card
"A Pal for Gary" SpongeBob Okay, SpongeBob is practically oblivious to Puffy Fluffy being dangerous and nasty to Gary in this episode. He thought he was lonely just because he wanted to go for a walk.
4 "Choir Boys" Squidward
5 "One Coarse Meal" Mr. Krabs realizes Plankton is scared of whales, so he uses his daughter Pearl to scare him. I know what you are thinking, Plankton just wants to have his own restaurant. BUT all he does is just steal the formula, but it might be taken too far for him to commit suicide in a show that is supposed to be for its target audience.
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