Night of Appliances is the third book in the The Electrifying Adventures of Delbert & Friends book series.


Alysus decides to make most of the night with her friends by playing games, and using Griller for sandwiches, but when the electricity goes out, she, Delbert, and their friends go out to see who is responsible for cutting off the electricity. Eventually, Freakzer has a change of heart after realizing that he was actually Joe’s freezer. It eventually turns out that all of his plans were actually concocted by a new enemy: Snatcher the magnet!


Right where the last book left off, Alysus is still sleeping on the bedside desk, but this time, she is dreaming about Delbert, and mutters in her sleep that pink would be the prettiest color in the world, until a bedside lamp named Ben wakes her up. Alysus then gets out of the bedroom, and Delbert greets her, with Leonard reminding her that there is a fan on the ceiling of Joe’s living room. Alysus then meets the fan, Fred Fanton, who states that it’s his job to freshen the heat. Alysus tells him about her crush on Delbert. She meets the grill, named Griller, who loves grilling sandwiches, and Delbert remarks that he has been in the house for a few months. Tim then tells Alysus that she is worth the “snack type”. A megaphone named Martin reports that a Golden Retriever named Bill, who is Joe’s dog, is coming in. Alysus finds him cute, and then she, Delbert, and Beeper play tic-tac-toe on a microwave named Stan, with Alysus winning. Bill finds Alysus as cute as he is, right before Joe teaches him a tennis-ball trick. Alysus then heads off, until Stan believes that she is wrong, and they both argue about whether Bill is coming in the next day or not, which Shark, Shader, Phonesey, and Randy overhear. However, Heinrich reminds Alysus and her friends that Bill can go out whenever he wants to. Alysus realizes that Heinrich is right. Heinrich also informs her that a toaster is in the kitchen, to where Leonard says Ninja’s charging spot is located. Alysus walks down the kitchen counter, nervous about rumors of people considering toasters annoying, and after noticing a loaf of bread, she is shocked to meet the toaster, Steven, who calls her “Alyson Nuttyboard”, but Alysus corrects him in her annoyance. Delbert reminds her how everyone uses the toasted bread for sandwiches, and Tim suggests hide and seek.

Freakzer, fed up with his own failure, plans his revenge against Alysus for trapping him, and is still determined to rule Windmill Drive.

Alysus listens as Bulbette tells her, Delbert, and Tim about Joe’s iPad, Albert, who died shortly after suffering from severe screen damage, and discovers that he never got one new charger for years. Heartbroken, Alysus pleads for him to come back. Leonard examines the crack on Albert’s screen, and Alysus flashbacks on the truth about Albert’s fate, back when Joe was 12. Albert landed on his screen, which caused major damage, and Delbert, Alysus, and Leonard were sad to hear about his tragic fate. As Albert says his last words: “He’ll... h-have... to... r-r-replace me. J-J-Just... go on... without me. I’m afraid I do have screen damage. Just g—”, he dies. Upset, Alysus starts crying, while Delbert comforts her. Back in the current time, Alysus is now feeling depressed by Albert’s “death” and sadly states that it has been two years since Joe was left without an iPad. Delbert reminds her that it’s a good thing Kenny does own Tim. So, Tim asks a sad Alysus if she wants to play chess, but Alysus feels that she is not in the mood for chess or hide and seek. However, her luck changes as she sees Delbert, Leonard, Tim, and Bulbette playing, and she changes her mind, as she finally feels better. Tim, Delbert, and Leonard are pleased that she decided to join chess. Tim then decides that he is switching his chess role, while Alysus plays as the black queen. Alysus reads the rules, and she and Delbert decide to team up as the black team. The two friends play together, and as Leonard puts his chess piece on the board, Alysus and Delbert win, much to Leonard and Tim’s shock.

After the game, Alysus thanks her friends for inviting her to play, since it helped cure her depression. She then asks her friends for hide and seek, and Delbert, Leonard, Tim, and Shark accept. After her friends go to their hiding places, Alysus finds them, and everyone is surprised that she won. Meanwhile, Freakzer spies on them, unbeknownst to Alysus, who celebrates her victory with Delbert, and they both notice Freakzer, who plans to have his revenge by cutting off the electricity and controlling half of Windmill Drive. Alysus replies by saying she will make it the best night she’s had, and doesn’t have to worry about her future. Freakzer points out that Alysus and her chrome can’t stop him. Alysus is outraged, and wants to deal with him, but also adds that she will have a romantic relationship with Delbert one day. She asks her friends to go bowling, only for the electricity to go out. Luckily, Leonard uses a lighter to see better. This inspires Alysus to use flashlights anywhere, which Delbert approves. Alysus wears a blindfold mask then uses the ball to aim at the cups and succeeds. Delbert and Leonard take each other’s turns, and Alysus declares that it was the best bowling game they’ve ever done.

She decides that the gang should go out if they are to get the electricity back. Delbert likes Alysus’ idea so much that they decide to go with her. Joe feels agitated when he finds out about the power out. While the appliances are on their way, Alysus becomes annoyed when she learns that Steven wants to come, Shader and Phonesey suggest that he stay behind. Steven apologizes, and gets off. Alysus agrees to have Fred haul them via the laundry basket, while her friends start laughing about the fact that riding a laundry basket is funny, and then gather up. Alysus then uses microwave popcorn inside Stan for fuel. As they arrive, Beeper tells her a joke about a computer freezing in ice, which Alysus, Leonard, and Bulbette laugh at. Eventually, everyone arrives, and Freakzer confronts Alysus and Delbert for entering his lair, and Alysus reveals that he was the one who cut off the electricity. Freakzer tries to hide his own plan, and calls her monitor puny, but Alysus, feeling that he is just covering it up, gets angry at him for his actions, and Delbert reveals that what he did was worse than freezing people. Alysus hates the insult, and Freakzer responds by reluctantly opening up to her about his plan. Alysus watches in horror as Freakzer orders Eviligerator to have Tim, Shark, Shader, and Beeper trapped in his lair, and the four try to figure out how to escape. Alysus reports to Delbert, Leonard, Bulbette, Randy, Phonesey, Martin, Griller, Stan, and Ben that the others are in trouble, and that they need help.

Tim sneezes since he is allergic to water, and Shark says “bless you”, Shader suggests walking out, but Alysus, in her determination and bravery, rescues them right away, and her friends congratulate her.


  • This is the first book in the series to focus on Alysus, while Delbert takes over as the deuteragonist.
  • It is not until this book that Snatcher is the true (and official) main antagonist of the series.
  • It is revealed that Alysus can read well, as she is seen reading the instruction manual for chess.
  • The flashback showing what happened to Albert was considered one of the most emotional and saddest moments in The Electrifying Adventures of Delbert & Friends series.
  • The first book to not feature Mr. Timetocker or Mr. Soney.


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