Sally Carrera is the tritagonist in Disney/Pixar's Cars, a supporting character in its sequel, Cars 2, and a major character in its threequel, Cars 3. She is Lightning McQueen's girlfriend as well as a resident of Radiator Springs, where she is also an attorney, and the owner of the Cozy Cone Motel.



When Sally arrived in Radiator Springs, she became the town's attorney, wanting to try and get the town promoted. One night in 2006, racecar Lightning McQueen finds himself stuck in Radiator Springs after being lost while attempting to get to Los Angeles, California for a Piston Cup race in the following week. In the process, McQueen accidentally rips up Radiator Springs' main road when the statue of Stanley attached to him. The next day, McQueen is taken to court at the courthouse, where Doc Hudson, the town's judge, decides to have McQueen out of the town because he is a racecar. Sally then comes in to talk to Doc, and when Lightning notices her, he immediately starts to fall in love with her, telling her to do what she has to do. Sally tries to convince Doc that Lightning should fix the road, but with Doc refusing, she then tells everyone that they need to care for the travelers when they drive on Route 66, the location, but without a perfectly good road to drive on, no one can buy at anyone's store, and they will lose their jobs. They all agree that McQueen has to repair the road, and Doc changes his mind, much to McQueen's chagrin, as he wants to leave and get to California for the race. Also, all of his fuel has been reduced, which means he cannot go anywhere.

Sally and the townspeople attempt to do their normal work, while Doc makes Lightning pave the road, using a road-paving machine named Bessie. Later, Van and Minny arrive, having failed to find their way to Interstate 40 using Van's GPS. All of the residents want to sell something to them, but Van and Minny continue rejecting their offers.

Patch Disaster?

Sally returns in the comic, and has a major role.

When she hears that Isabella has failed to earn her Emotional Bravery patch, she feels bad for her. She drives over to Phineas and Lightning and asks what happened. Understanding that Isabella's sad, Sally tells her not to be upset just because of failure, to which Candace and C-3PO agree.

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