SpongeBob SquarePants is an animated comedy TV series produced by United Plankton Pictures and distributed by Viacom Media Networks. It was created by the late Stephen Hillenburg, who worked on Rocko's Modern Life.  It stars Tom Kenny from Wander Over Yander and The Powerpuff Girls, Bill Fagerbakke from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Carolyn Lawrence from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Rodger Bumpass from A Bug's Life, Clancy Brown from Flubber, and Doug Lawrence from Camp Lazlo.


List of Episodes

Season 1

Image # Episode Airdate Production code Broadcast order
Help Wanted Title card
01 "Help Wanted " May 1, 1999 1 101a
SpongeBob applies for a job at The Krusty Krab, and then gets hired as their newest fry cook!
Reef blower title card
02 "Reef Blower" May 1, 1999 2 101b
SpongeBob attempts to get a shell off his backyard.
Tea at the treedome title card
03 "Tea at the Treedome" May 1, 1999 3 101c
SpongeBob meets Sandy Cheeks for the very first time.
Bubblestand titlecard
04 "Bubblestand" July 17, 1999 4 102a
SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick start a bubblestand.
Ripped Pants title card
05 "Ripped Pants" July 17, 1999 5 102b
SpongeBob attempts to impress Sandy, but ends up ripping his pants in front of everyone!
06 "Jellyfishing" July 31, 1999 6 103a
SpongeBob and Patrick try to get Squidward to go jellyfishing with them, while he is recovering from a bike accident.
Plankton title card
07 "Plankton!" July 31, 1999 7 103b
Plankton, Krabs' archenemy, tries to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula using the ability to control SpongeBob's brain.
08 "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" August 7, 1999 8 104a
Squidward demolishes SpongeBob and Patrick's friendship.
09 "Boating School" August 7, 1999 9 104b
SpongeBob attempts to pass his boating school exam with help from Patrick.
10 "Pizza Delivery" August 14, 1999 10 105a
SpongeBob and Squidward make their first pizza delivery in the history of the Krusty Krab.

Critical reception

The series received critical acclaim, with praise towards its appeal towards different age groups, the characters' unique personalities, humor, and animation. However, upon its downfall, the post-movie seasons were badly-received, although season 4 received very good reviews.

Why I Love It

  1. Great animation, and Nickelodeon at its purest form.
  2. A lot of memorable and great episodes.
  3. Has spawned plenty of memes.
  4. Very good voice acting.
  5. Wonderful and unique characters.
  6. Great songs.
  7. The characters have charming personalities: SpongeBob is the happy go lucky protagonist, Patrick is his dimwitted but good-natured friend, Squidward is his grouchy neighbor, Mr. Krabs is his money-loving employer, Plankton is the self-tempered antagonist and Sandy as the intelligent and tough newcomer).
  8. Beside SpongeBob himself who first appeared in Help Wanted in season 1 and other characters like Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs, many other characters made their debuts including Sandy and Plankton in later episodes.
  9. The two movies it spawned were great, and a third one is coming.
  10. So much merchandise since its popularity!
  11. Much of the time cards and title cards are creative.
  12. Spawned a lot of really good 22 minute and 11 minute episodes and specials like "Christmas Who?", "SpongeBob's Last Stand", "Dunces and Dragons", "Goodbye Krabby Patty?", "It Came from Goo Lagoon", "Hello Bikini Bottom", "Legends of Boo-kini Bottom", "Shanghaied" (original 22 minute "voting" version; later pushed to 15 minutes after its first airing in 2001), "Have You Seen This Snail?", "Evil Spatula", "Feral Friends", "Fun-Sized Friends", "Mimic Madness", "Back to the Past", "A SquarePants Family Vacation", "Pest of the West", "Valentine's Day", "Frozen Face Off", "Scaredy Pants", "Ghoul Fools", "My Leg", etc.
  13. Ever since the second half of Season 9 and most of the first half, the show has greatly improved and there have been a lot of original episode plots that haven't been done before.
  14. It is so good it’s humor and characters are just as good as Phineas and Ferb.


  1. Some episodes have reused plot lines. So much for a show that has plenty of ideas.
  2. After The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, later seasons quickly went downhill until Season 9.
  3. Several terrible episodes that I am supposed to find boring, even in the good and bad seasons:
    • "I Was A Teenage Gary" (the most terrifying pre-movie SpongeBob episode).
    • "The Great Snail Race"
    • "Dumped"
    • "Squid Baby"
    • "Cuddle E. Hugs"
    • "Ink Lemonade" (the single-most despised post-sequel SpongeBob episode; some fans (especially me) consider it the absolute worst SpongeBob episode yet)
    • "Sportz?" (depending on your view)
    • "Little Yellow Book"
    • "SpongeBob You're Fired!"
    • "Shuffleboarding"
    • "Driven To Tears"
    • "Rule Of Dumb"
  4. Atlantis SquarePantis and Truth or Square weren't received very well, the former due to the execs making the crew turn it a TV movie, resulting in unnecessary songs and six character arcs, and the latter due to blatant bait-and-switches. In fact, Nickelodeon was not the best at making TV movies for SpongeBob, so due to bad reviews of these two movies, Nickelodeon made no more SpongeBob TV movies after Truth or Square. Until 2019, that is, with SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout, which aired for the series' 20th anniversary in July and was well received, with some calling it a perfect apology for Truth or Square.
  5. After the creator's temporary resignation, a lot of the characters suffered from having multiple traits to having just one (ex. SpongeBob went from being charmingly optimistic to later just being annoying and happy all the time.)
  6. Season 11 (while good) has a lot of weird and/or creepy looking faces. "Krabby Patty Creature Feature", in particular, while decent, uses this over the top.
  7. While the animation in the current seasons is still great, the comedy has gotten stale due to the lack of a balance between slapstick and visual comedy and verbal comedy.
  8. Some jokes that only adults know are inappropriate such as "SpongeBob watches Sea Anemone". Which is so idiotic and weird, because Spongebob is supposed to be a kids' show!
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