"I'm ready!" ― SpongeBob's famous quote
SpongeBob SquarePants is the titluar protagonist of the popular animated TV show of the same name. He is an anthropomorphic sponge who enjoys doing his job as a fry cook, a low-paying job he is good at.  He is also the protagonist of the movie trilogy based on the show. He is voiced by Tom Kenny, and he is exactly the one Tom is known for voicing.


  • Sometimes, SpongeBob wears glasses, like for protection against jellyfishing or reading. These are similar to the glasses his voice actor, Tom Kenny, wears.
  • In 2002, SpongeBob was ranked #9 in TV Guide's Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters list (which also included Angelica Pickles at #7 and Ren and Stimpy at #31). He was notably the most recently-created character to be featured on the list at the time of its publication.
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