Alec, Isabella, Phineas, Lightning, Dory, Flik, and WALL-E review everything about Pixar’s first superhero movie – The Incredibles – the action, humor, voice acting, animation, and characters.


Picture Description
Alec tries to talk about the scene where Edna points out the deaths of various superheroes from the past years, but due to the scene being a little too dark for kids, a mad Isabella and Phineas scratch the record.

Isabella, Phineas, Lightning, Dory, Flik, and WALL-E are very angry, and argue about why they shouldn’t show the scene. Edna shouts "NO CAPES!"

Alec finds out that Elizabeth Pena and Bud Luckey both passed away in 2014 and the same year the review is being filmed, which devastates Isabella, Phineas, Lightning, Dory, Flik, and WALL-E.

Isabella, traumatized by the tragic deaths of the aforementioned actors/actresses, starts crying, while Phineas consoles her. Lightning starts to feel sorry for Isabella, and knows they shouldn’t have died in the first place. Even Dory, WALL-E and Flik feel down, until Alec informs Isabella and the others that Rick did get a new actor, which causes Isabella to get tears of joy in her eyes.



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