VeggieTales is a kids’ computer-animated video series

List of episodes

For the list of episodes, see here.


The series garnered positive reviews and appears to be very popular towards different age groups.

Why I Love It

  1. Really solid and appealing animation.
  2. Top-notch voice acting.
  3. Funny and lovable characters, such as Bob, Larry, Junior, Laura, and others.
  4. Entertaining and interesting stories.
  5. Teaches children about the Bible.
  6. The show is fun, creative, and humorous, and it also manages to do a great job with its various lessons, like God, and without getting too preachy.
  7. Catchy and heartwarming songs.
  8. It got two theatrical movies which are also good.


  1. The Netflix shows based on this show were terrible, as the characters were flanderized, such as Bob and Larry being roommates for a bad reason unlike how Rizzo and Gonzo were roommates in Muppets from Space, and Larry eats sardines and cookies (which he never did before in this show), Laura and Junior being turned into childish little rascals, and the humor was not funny.


  • Did You Know?: It was first pitched to Nickelodeon in the early 1990s; however, Nickelodeon refused to air the show, because they didn't want to air computer animated cartoons back then.
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